July 2017

Be Addicted


How bad do you want it? Those results you imagine. What are you doing to set yourself up to win? Guess what guys and gals, you don't have to love the work. Sometimes the work is hard. Sometimes it down right sucks. Sometimes you don't feel up to it. Sometimes it's all you can do [...]

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June 2017

CrossFit is a Cult


CrossFit is a cult. You’ve heard those words said before, probably by someone you know that doesn’t do CrossFit. That’s because as soon as we drink the cool-aid, we want nothing more than to share it with others. CrossFit comes into our lives and for most, makes a huge impact. That’s right, it changes our [...]

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What’s your Story?


Everyday, thousands of thoughts bounce around your head. Dictating your moment-to-moment emotions, the thoughts that stick in your mind will shape that story and dictate your actions. What story are you telling yourself? For most of you, it’s one that’s holding you back. You’re letting your own thoughts stifle your progress. “I’m just not the [...]

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May 2017

I Can


In our world, we hear the word's, "I can't," uttered hundreds of times each week. Those of you that know us, know we don't respond well to that phrase.  Yet it happens all the time at the gym.  We'll tell a new client to squat lower from a quarter squat position and the response, "I [...]

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What is up to us…


The Stoics had a saying in latin: ta ehp'hemin, ta ouk eph'hemin What it means is literally this: "What is up to us, what is not up to us." They used it to remind themselves basically to control the things you can control. So much of worry and strife is worrying about things that are [...]

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