Everyday, thousands of thoughts bounce around your head.
Dictating your moment-to-moment emotions, the thoughts that stick in your mind will shape that story and dictate your actions.
What story are you telling yourself?
For most of you, it’s one that’s holding you back. You’re letting your own thoughts stifle your progress.

“I’m just not the type of person that will ever get ripped.”

“I’m so tired today, my workout will suck. I’m just gonna take it easy.”

“This week is crazy, I know I’m going to get stressed and eat like garbage.”

​We’re all guilty of it. It’s a fundamental part of human nature. You can’t control the existence of these thoughts because they are hard wired into your brain.
But you can control their power over you.

Think about this. If you told yourself that you’re an illiterate alien from another galaxy, you’d laugh at the insanity of it and dismiss it without any problems.
So, its clear you have the power to determine which thoughts you give weight to and which ones you brush off.

Why, then, do you let the ones that devalue your potential take hold?
Maybe it’s a habit you’ve grooved over the years. Maybe its because you’re scared to let yourself succeed.
Whatever the reason, whatever the thoughts, you can change them all.
​Try making this your narrative…”I’m some one who works out when I don’t want to”…”I’m someone who eats healthy.”
This week, make a conscious effort to recognize the stories you’re telling yourself and others. Identify the ones that are counter productive to the person you want to become and get rid of them.
I mean heave them out of your mind. They are a waste of your mental space.
Fill your head with the ones that paint a positive picture yourself. The strong, jacked, confident, individual you know you can be. Because until you have a strong mind, you will limit yourself.

Remember, it all starts up top.