May 2017

Telescope vs Microscope


I know it's obvious but I want to discuss the difference between a telescope and a microscope... A telescope sees things far away and a microscope sees things very close up. In our training and fitness journey we need to use both, but not focus too much on one or the other. What do I [...]

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5 Buckets Of Death


“In the end, chronic disease is a deficiency syndrome. It is sedentation with malnutrition.” ~ Greg Glassman Found here... In Glassman’s article he separates the causes of death in the US into 5 categories that I believe was referred to as “The 5 Buckets of Death” in a CrossFit Instagram post. The buckets are as [...]

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Key to Success


Question: are you better today than you were yesterday? Have you improved something about your life in the past 24 hours? Are you more efficient with your time at work, are you more present with your friends and family, are you moving closer to your goals? Here's an even more important question: is success [...]

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Why I Train


Welcome! I want to say thanks for reading and welcome to our blog! I hope that we can put out some content that is interesting and informative, that we can link to some of the fitness blogs and sites that we enjoy, that we can keep you informed about the goings-on at CFV and hopefully [...]

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