Be Addicted

How bad do you want it? Those results you imagine. What are you doing to set yourself up to win? Guess what guys and gals, you [...]

CrossFit is a Cult

CrossFit is a cult. You’ve heard those words said before, probably by someone you know that doesn’t do CrossFit. That’s because as soon as we drink [...]

What’s your Story?

Everyday, thousands of thoughts bounce around your head. Dictating your moment-to-moment emotions, the thoughts that stick in your mind will shape that story and dictate your [...]

I Can

In our world, we hear the word's, "I can't," uttered hundreds of times each week. Those of you that know us, know we don't respond well [...]

Telescope vs Microscope

I know it's obvious but I want to discuss the difference between a telescope and a microscope... A telescope sees things far away and a microscope [...]

5 Buckets Of Death

“In the end, chronic disease is a deficiency syndrome. It is sedentation with malnutrition.” ~ Greg Glassman Found here... In Glassman’s article he separates the causes [...]

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