“In the end, chronic disease is a deficiency syndrome. It is sedentation with malnutrition.” ~ Greg Glassman

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In Glassman’s article he separates the causes of death in the US into 5 categories that I believe was referred to as “The 5 Buckets of Death” in a CrossFit Instagram post. The buckets are as follows:
Chronic Disease: obesity, coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer (95% of cancers as of now), Alzheimer’s, peripheral artery disease, advanced biological aging, drug addiction, among others
Variants: kinetic, genetic, toxic, and microbic
Kinetic: physical trauma, car crash, hit on a bike
Toxic: environmental toxins (lead poisoning)
Genetic: genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis (things you’re born with)
Microbic: virus, bacteria, prions
He explains that today’s medical system has no real treatment for chronic disease and yet it covers 70% of deaths in the US. Treatment is symptomatic only. CrossFit, on the other hand, he claims, can give you a pass. Sounds like a bold statement, I know, so give it a read and see if he convinces you.